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Learn to speak Mandarin Instantly!
We simplify the Mandarin learning process with our easy to learn phonetic based system. Save time, Save Money, Save Energy
Specifically designed for Adult English speakers with zero knowledge of the Mandarin language

Benefits of Speaking Mandarin

Conversational Mandarin – Learn a new skill
Connect with new people – There are more than 1.4 billion Mandarin speakers worldwide
Increasing Sales and Customer Base – tap into a new market
 Expanding your business with over 1.4 billion Mandarin speaking potential new customers
  Create new Business Partnerships (Import/Export = new opportunities)
Stimulate your mind and learn a new skill

Course Content

Business Mandarin/ Chinese
Practical Mandarin
Conversational Mandarin
Marketing in Mandarin
Sales in Mandarin
Workplace Mandarin
Medical Mandarin/Chinese
Careers in Mandarin
And much more…

Trading with Mandarin Clients
Useful or Common phrases in Mandarin
Telephone Conversation in Mandarin
Presentations in Mandarin
Strategies for Negotiating in Mandarin
Problem solving in Mandarin
Legal Mandarin/Chinese
Ask questions in Mandarin

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